York 1190: Jews and Others in the Wake of Massacre was organised by Sarah Rees Jones and Sethina Watson of the Centre for Medieval Studies and the Department of History.

The conference was supported by the British Academy, the Jewish Historical Society of England and the Royal Historical Society. The Borthwick Institute republished the essays of Barrie Dobson on anglo-jewish history for the occasion: The Jewish Communities of Medieval England . We are publishing a collection of essays relating to the theme of the conference and developing further related research projects.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

The Jews of York

Shai Grosskopf sent me this picture. He says it is from a book that he owns which was published in Germany in 1861 and which tells the story of the Jews of York in the twelfth century. I can pass on his email address to anybody who would like it.


  1. The original German story was published in 1861: Isaac Ascher Francolm, Die Juden und die kreuzfahrer in England unter Richard Lowenherz, Leipzig 1861. But this is from the Hebrew translation, which was first published in Tel Aviv, 1944.

  2. Thank you! That makes sense - because the graphics looked very mid-20th century to me.