York 1190: Jews and Others in the Wake of Massacre was organised by Sarah Rees Jones and Sethina Watson of the Centre for Medieval Studies and the Department of History.

The conference was supported by the British Academy, the Jewish Historical Society of England and the Royal Historical Society. The Borthwick Institute republished the essays of Barrie Dobson on anglo-jewish history for the occasion: The Jewish Communities of Medieval England . We are publishing a collection of essays relating to the theme of the conference and developing further related research projects.

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Review @ medieval histories

The first review of our collection Christians and Jews in Angevin England, the York Massacre of 1190, Narratives and Contexts has appeared here:

Review at Medieval Histories

Published by Boydell and Brewer:


Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Cover Image

And now please admire the cover ......

Christians and Jews in Angevin England

with thanks to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

And also thanks to the Marc Fitch Fund for their generous support

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Monday, 17 September 2012

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Christians and Jews in Angevin England. The York Massacre of 1190, Narratives and Contexts


Boydell  and Brewer, April 2013

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Boydell and Brewer, 2013


Edited by


Contributors 00-00
List of Figures 00-00
Editors’ Preface 00-00
Abbreviations 00-00

1.   Introduction: The Moment and Memory of the York Massacre of 1190
Sethina Watson, University of York 00-00

Part One: The Events of March 1190

2.   Neighbours and Victims in Twelfth-Century York: A Royal
Citadel, the Citizens and the Jews of York
Sarah Rees Jones, University of York 00-00

3. Prelude and Postscript to the York Massacre: Attacks in East
    Anglia and Lincolnshire, 1190
Joe Hillaby, University of Bristol 00-00

4. William of Newburgh, Josephus and the New Titus
Nicholas Vincent, University of East Anglia 00-000

5. 1190, William Longbeard and the Crisis of Angevin England
Alan Cooper, Colgate University 000-000

6. The Massacres of 1189-90 and the Origins of the Jewish
Exchequer, 1186-1226
Robert C. Stacey, University of Washington 000-000

Part Two: Jews among Christians in Medieval England

7. Faith, Fealty and Jewish Infideles in Twelth-Century England
Paul Hyams, Cornell University 000-000

8. The ‘archa’ System and its Legacy after 1194
Robin R. Mundill, Glenalmond College, Perth 000-000

9. Making Agreements, with or without Jews, in Medieval
England and Normandy
Thomas Roche, Archives départementales of Nièvre 000-000

10. An Ave Maria in Hebrew: The Transmission of Hebrew
Learning from Jewish to Christain Scholars in Medieval England
Eva De Visscher, University of Oxford 000-000

11. The Talmudic Community of Thirteenth-Century England Pinchas Roth, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and Ethan
Zadoff, City University of New York 000-000

12. Notions of Jewish Service in Twelfth and Thirteenth-Century
Anna Sapir Abulafia, University of Cambridge 000-000

Part Three: Representations

13. Egyptian Days: From Passion to Exodus in the Representation
of Twelth-Century Jewish-Christian Relations
Heather Blurton, University of California, Santa Barbara 000-000

14. ‘De Judaea, Muta et Surda’: Jewish Conversion in Gerald of
Wales’s Life of Saint Remigius
Matthew Mesley, University of Zürich 000-000

15. Dehumanizing the Jew at the Funeral of the Virgin Mary in
the Thirteenth-Century (c. 1170 - c. 1350)
Carlee A. Bradbury, Radford College 000-000

16. Massacre and Memory: Ethics and Method in Recent
Scholarship on Jewish Martyrdom
Hannah Johnson, University of Pittsburgh 000-000

17. The Future of the Jews of York
Jeffrey Cohen, George Washington University 000-000


18. Afterword: Violence, Memory and the Traumatic Middle Ages
Anthony Bale, Birkbeck College, London 000-000

Bibliography 000-000

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Manchester Mini-Limmud

Sunday 13th May - 'Manchester Mini-Limmud'
Manchester Jewish Museum, Cheetham Hill, Manchester, 5 - 8pm
An informal taster event with a small but perfectly formed selection of speakers, including:
Clive Lawton - Limmud's Senior Consultant and leading Jewish educator.
Yaakov Wise - Manchester University, Centre for Jewish Studies
Clive Gilbert - regular presenter and educator in Jewish history
And more, including some of the J-DOV talks (Jewish Dreams, Observations and Visions, the talk of your life in 18 minutes) from Limmud Conference 2011.

Plus shmoozing and light refreshments and the opportunity to visit the exhibits of the Manchester Jewish Museum. And you will receive a card allowing you freeaccess to the museum for one year following this event!

Only £8 adults / £5 concessions. Places are limited so don't delay your application! (for the same reason we are unfortunately unable to offer a creche or children's programme).
So book your place online here.

We look forward to seeing you soon,
Best wishes,

Stephen, David and the Manchester Limmud Team

Thursday, 29 March 2012

From a reader: the Rylands Haggadah

From Karen Schousboe

Medieval Histories April 2012 : The Rylands Haggadah