York 1190: Jews and Others in the Wake of Massacre was organised by Sarah Rees Jones and Sethina Watson of the Centre for Medieval Studies and the Department of History.

The conference was supported by the British Academy, the Jewish Historical Society of England and the Royal Historical Society. The Borthwick Institute republished the essays of Barrie Dobson on anglo-jewish history for the occasion: The Jewish Communities of Medieval England . We are publishing a collection of essays relating to the theme of the conference and developing further related research projects.

Thursday, 25 March 2010

York 1190 in 2010

In March 2010 we held a conference at the University of York: 'York 1190: Jews and Others in the Wake of Massacre'. It was attended by around 84 people from three continents - and over three intense days we shared some really thought provoking academic papers, discussion, beer and two harrowing (but wonderfully performed plays).  Barrie Dobson was presented with a volume of his collected works on medieval English Jewish communities by Joe Hillaby.

Robin Mundill suggested that it would be good to have a forum where the discussion could continue. So here it is!

It was an extremely rich three days for me - and it will take me a long time to absorb it all. Nick and Hugh have now confirmed that my (and Birch's) reading of the seal legend is indeed correct. The first common seal of the City of York does indeed bear the legend 'Fideles Regis' - quite chilling in the immediate aftermath of 1190 - but more on that to come in publications, I am sure.


  1. Blindness – a medieval preoccupation and fascination?

    In relation to the Jews it was during Carlee Bradbury’s paper that I thought of the panel from the York Chapter House roof and the depiction of Synagogue. Is it coincidence that the blind woman involved in the ritual murder story of St Hugh was healed? The language of Edward’s strengthening of the London Domus Conversorum in 1280 reads “ in order that those who have already turned from their blindness to the light of the Church…….’. Or am I reading too much into it?

  2. Properties in York – is there any way that the properties and in particular the Synagogue in Coney Street can be or have been identified? Of course I foolishly should have asked Sarah!

  3. Bury St Edmunds massacre

    A few links for those who expressed interest

    Bury St Edmunds link




  4. Hi Robin! As for the synagogue - yes we can locate it, I think. I'll make a new post on that later this week (when I have caught up on other, non 1190, stuff).

    Also you might want to post your Bury links as a New Post? If you sign in to Google and then look at the Blogger tool bar across the top of this blog, you'll see a 'New Post' link immediately to the right of your Google email idea. Click the link - and a New Post page is automatically formatted for you - and you just have to write on it.

    cheers! Sarah

  5. ooops 'Google idea' in last comment should read 'Google id'!